San Leandro USD

Tradition and Innovation

Area 2 – Liz Toledo

Liz Toledo, Trustee

Trustee Area 2
Term Date: 2022

As a Mexican, first-generation bilingual student, graduate of San Leandro schools, and a current student at UC Berkeley, I am continuously inspired by the youth and how they engage with their education. I want to contribute to an environment where the school board is an accessible space for students, families, educators, and community members. 

Alongside district leadership, I hope to implement a well-rounded and uplifting educational program that ensures all students are prepared for their next steps in our schools and beyond. During my time as Trustee for Area 2, I will support existing efforts that prioritize our students and staffs’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. That includes investing in resources that will benefit the learning of all students along with hiring and retaining staff who reflect our district’s diversity. I also commit to work closely with the community to envision and bring forward resolutions and strategies to dismantle any policies and practices that perpetuate inequities in our district. For example, making the Ethnic Studies high school requirement a reality and reevaluating our curriculum in addition to student and family services.