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Secure Browser Login

Directions to Login to the Secure Browser for State Testing

If you are using District-Issued Chromebook:

  1. Logout and turn off  your Chromebook completely.
  2. Once you turn on your Chromebook DO NOT login. 
  3. Navigate to the lower left corner of the screen, then click on “Apps” and select “Secure TestBrowser”

4. It will open the Login window shown below. Enter the information requested. 

5. You will need to enter your complete First Name and SSID. The test administrator will provide you with the Session ID. 

6. Verify that all of your information is correct before clicking “Yes.”

7. This screen will show you what test you will be taking. Click on the test to enter.

8. You must agree to grant the browser permission to access your camera. Then click on the camera icon, you should see yourself is your camera is working.  Make sure that you can see yourself in the box before clicking “I see myself”. Your camera must remain on and your teacher must see your face at all times.

9. Next, verify that your computer is recording your audio properly. If you cannot hear yourself the first time you might have to speak louder.

10. Make sure that you can hear the sound and see the video on your screen. If you can, select “I could play the sound and video”

11. Confirm that you can hear the voice that says “This text is being read aloud”. Once you finish all 4 checks and confirm everything, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page. 

12. Then you could check out the test setting and help guide. When you think you are ready, click “Begin Test Now”.